Internet Marketing / e-Commerce

marketingInternet Marketing is taking over retail businesses, and you should not lag behind this transition. While you may still need to maintain local stores, you definitely need to catch the ongoing waves before it is too late. Why can’t access and buy your product and services online? We will help you achieve this goal! Our attention grabbing e-Commerce Package will display your business online and bring you prospect. This package can be purchased with Basic, Premium, and Elite Packages for a rate of $2500 only.

This website design option presents you an opportunity to interact and build lasting interaction with customers. It enhance you with opportunity to collect data, feedback and also tracking your online marketing activities. More benefits includes:

  • Virtual Download & Payments
  • Paid Subscription Services
  • Shipping Service (Local and International)
  • Auto Tax & Fees Application
  • Instant Product Updates (2-way traffic to Seller & Customer)
  • 1 Free Business Promotion Article
  • Contact forms
  • Product reviews